Digitize your business with integrated solution offerings

  • Laboratory Information management Solution

  • A complete solution for managing your laboratory information and processes.

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Robust solution provideing a 360 deg view of your customers and the sales cycle.

  • Inventory and Purchase (Coming Soon)

  • Highly integrated solution to help you manage and maintain inventory of products.

  • Service CRM (Coming Soon)

  • An end to end customer helpdesk and service support solution for your business.

  • Finance (Coming Soon)


Product Features

Digitise and automate your lab operations with the help of integrated tools. The integrated tools help you improve traceability and build robust process. Every step of the process is fine-tuned to your laboratory operations and size. Paperless lab operations are need of the hour.

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  • Sample Collection

  • Lab operations

  • Reporting

  • Invoicing and Payments

  • Dispatch

  • Traceability and Audit Logs


Zylon LIMS

A complete solution for managing your laboratory information and procesess. Cloud-based LIMS solution to help you digitise and automate your laboratory operations.

Zylon LIMS is a dedicated LIMS solution for Commercial Testing Laboratories, QA/QC Laboratories and Dignostic centeres.


Sample collection planning and execution tools to help your field team to manage and execute hassle sampling and logistics. With simple to use forms, tools and schedulers for managing appoinments and collections across multiple locations improves efficiency by over 50%.


Customer Request Form

Customer can request sample collection via a web based sample collection form or via the mobile applications.

Logistics andTracking

For samples being collected from remote locations, integration with logistics providers help in faster shipment and delivery of samples to the laboratory.



Keep a track of the status of the sample at any point in the process. Stay in control and have upfront information all the time, reducing the time required to communicate with the customers.


From creating unique tracking numbers to barcoding the samples for traceability the tools will help efficient sample and test management. Create unique labels depending on the test disipline or the product to be testd.

Test Planning

plan the test to be conducted on the samples depending on personal availability, instrument availability, and the turnaround time. Create roasters to preplan testing activity and improve TAT by over 50%

Test Queue

Customized observation pages per analyst, enable the analyst to focus and timely complete the tests alloted to him. A sample and intutive interface reduces errors in data entry and calculations.

Instrument Integration

Integration with various instruments helps in the seamless import of critical data from the instruments, reducing errors and time. integration improves efficiency by reducing manual intervention.

Sample Storage

Manage the storage of samples post tesing for audits, traceability, and rechecking whenever required.


Online reporting is the need of the hour. Our reporting platform enables you to configure a multilevel review and approval process of test data. Our cariety of template enables you to choose and configure report formats to suit your requirements.

Multilevel review and Approval

The review and approval process inbuilt into the reporting meets the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies. It helps reduce and ensure accurate data analysis before the reports are sent to the customers.

Digitally signed Reports

Web Reports and digitally signed reports guarantee the credibility and authenticity of the reports. Barcoding enables customers to track and trace authenticity with the help of zylon Report Verification tool.

Report Templates

Choose from easy-to-use templates, configure them to your requirements. Reports generated from zyylon LIMS are fully complient with regulatory specifications and GLP guidelines.



Create Invoices and send payments links to customers with the click of a button. Invoicing and payments features help you keep track of your sales activities.

Auto Invoicing

Auto Invoicing features enables automatic hassle-free invoice creation and communication to the clients.

Sales MIS

Stay up to date with MIS reports built into invoicing module. Create customized reports and get real time insights into your business.

Payment Tracking

Send alerts and remainders to customers for timely payment receipts.


Integrate with various finance applications including SAP, TALLY, Quickbooks, etc with an easy and compatible import, export of data.



The dispatch module enables you to keep track of the dispatch of the reports, invoices and sampling kits.


Traceability and Audit Logs

End to end compliance to regulatory required wrt to traceability and audit logs.